For individuals, Counselors, Psychologists, Human Resources Personnel, Medical Personnel and Clergies.

A user friendly Visual aids cards for Emotional Health Counselling:

* Helpful for timely intervention and prevention of Emotional ill-health, Emotional Dis-order, Emotional Dis-ability, Emotional breakdown e.t.c

* Helpful for checking the Emotional Status and temperature.

* Helpful for building intelligence and resilience.

And many more

A great and Helpful Counselling Resources tools for Schools, The Workplace, Health Sectors, Homes, Religious Organisation, The Community, Individual Units, Counselors, Psychologists, and Medical Personnel.


* User Friendly visual cards for Spiritual Therapy.

* 36 Negative & 36 Positive Emotional Heart Status cards.

* Spiritual and Scriptural Healing Capsule for the Emotional Heart.

* Spiritual Therapy Resources for Healthy Heart.

* Psychological Counseling hints and treatment.

* Curative and Healing Words for talk Therapy.

And many more

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