Firstly, let me define what Mental health is. :- Mental Health refers to Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional Well being. Cognitive simply means knowledge and reasoning.
Behavioral :- ls all about your personality interactions, and relationships with others. E.g You and your peers group.
Emotional Well being :- Is the way and manner you cope or your adjustment to the issues of life. How you react to events happening around you.

Mental Health is all about how people, think, feel, and behave. People sometimes use the term “Mental health ” to mean the Absence of a Mental disorder.
Layman, regards Mental Health as a Madness..
However, Mental health can affect daily living, relationship and physical health.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Mental Health is a state of Well being in which an individual realize his or her own abilities, and can cope with the normal stresses of life.
He / She can work productively and is able to make up contribution to his or her community.
When we are talking about Mental health some personnel are needed to help to reduce the rate of Mental health issues. Here comes the services of the School Teachers.
Who is a School Teacher.
A School Teacher is a person who helps to acquire knowledge, competence or virtue. Teachers build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students and other teachers.
Teachers become role models, listening to and looking for signs of trouble.
Therefore School Teachers nowadays need to be Mentally active and Sound. They shouldn’t allow their emotions to weigh them down.

How can A School Teachers help fellow Teachers / Students with Mental health issues?
1.Be Empathic and Non – Judgemental.
2. Directly teach lessons on Social and Emotional Skills.
3. Work to reduce stigma of Mental Health issues with all Teachers and students.
4.ldentify Teachers/ Students who need increased support and Communicate them to Appropriate Treatment.
5. Have an Open Doors Policy.
6.Make Mental Health know and Organize a Wellness program every week.
7. School Teachers can give activities to help solve the problem of Mental health.

Activities that can help to improve our overall Psychological Well being like:-
1.Get Plenty of Sleep.
2. Exercise.
3.Deep Breathing Exercises.
4.Use a Stress ball or Some other Stress relievers.
5. Perform a random act of kindness.
6. Yoga :- Combines physical exercises, Mental Meditation and Breathing techniques to Strengthen the Muscles and relieve Stress.

How do School Teachers Promote Good Mental Health?.

9 Ways you can improve your Mental Health Today.

1.Tell yourself something Positive. Research shows that how you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel.
2. Write down something you are grateful for .
3.Focus on one thing at the moment.
4. Exercise.
5. Eat good Meal.
6.Open up to Someone.
7.Do something for someone else.
8.Sing Praise & Prayer.
9.Take a break. i.e. relax.

My Personal Experience as a teacher and working with children and students that are affected with Mental ill health.

As a Professional Counsellor the severe cases are to be referred to the Medical psychiatrist Doctor for immediate diagnosis and treatment.
For the other mild ones – Counselling One on One with the Teacher involved.
Victims should be encouraged to Open up to the Counsellor and not to hide their problems.
Counsellor must find time to move closer to them. Be their friends.
Communication is very important at this point.
They should confide with the Teacher, Counsellor and Parents.
Its important you show love to the Children ,Students and your co-Workers.
Be ready to render Assistance as the Needs Arise.
Be prepared to give counsel to their Parents and Guardians. Allow their Wards to Speak out Whatever is bothering them.
Be a good listener.
As a Counsellor your Major Assignment is done on your knees by praying and making intercession on their behalf.

A brief introduction of Myself. :-
My Name is Onabanjo Bosede Olubukunola.
I am Classroom Teacher and Professional Counsellor. Master of Education in Educational Foundation Guidance and Counselling.
I belong to Association of Professional Counsellors in Nigeria (APROCON) LAGOS CHAPTER.
I am a Retired Deputy Director of Education and Head of Section Special Duties Section in Ikorodu LGEA. Ikorodu. Lagos State. I am Senior Citizens of Republic of Nigeria.


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