The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, social and mental wellbeing of an individual, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. There is really no health without mental health because physical health is dependent on the normal functioning of the mind.

Your feelings affect your thinking and go onto influence your living (Lifestyle). If you feel well, you will think well and definitely live well.
What you think, how you think controls how you live. If you think negative more than usual then you will live negative more than ever but if you think positive then automatically you will live positive.
The way you feel affects every other thing about you. Your outlook, mood, and reactions.

Ask yourself the following questions:
1. How well do I feel? Why do l feel this way?
2. How healthy are my thoughts or imaginations? Why are my thoughts always like this?
3. How well do l live? Positive or negative lifestyle? Why is my life like this?

It is essential for you to ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly – there are designed to prompt you to make certain decisions that will improve the quality of your life.

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