Tony came into the living room whispering a popular song lyrics playing on his phone piece when he noticed Toyin her younger sister sad all alone with a long and gloomy expression on her face. Tony decided to engage her in a discussion.
“What’s up girl, I didn’t know you were back, how did the interview go”
She just stared at him as if he had not spoken and moved her face away.
“Toyin, I just asked a question?”
“Who said l didn’t hear you,”
Tony ignored his rude remark, “What happened?”
“I didn’t get hired for the job. I’ll never get any job.”
“Why did you say that?”
“I just know it.”
“That’s a wrong perception and I want you to change that be……”
“Leave me alone!”
she burst out in rage.
“If you were in my shoes you will understand my situation. I have been attending various interviews now for the past three years and nothing came out of it…you stand there preaching to me. Nonsense! Everyone should just leave me alone in this house…”

she stated bitterly walking out of the room with gross irritation and infuriation. She incidentally collided with another younger sibling who was carrying a crate of eggs. All felt on the floor smashed. Rather than wait and help out. She shouted at her.

“Get out of my way. Are you blind? Idiot!”

she shouted rudely pushing her away and jamming the door making the whole house vibrate. Tony was dumbstruck and as he watched her go.

Can you cull out the SAD, BAD AND MAD concepts from this story?
• Sad – The Sad feeling
• Bad – The Bad thinking
• Mad – The Mad Response or Action

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