What is Mental Health?

Mental or emotional health refers to your overall psychological well-being. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties.

Good mental health isn’t just the absence of mental health problems. Being mentally or emotionally healthy is much more than being free of depression (Depression is the most common form of mental illness), anxiety, or other psychological issues. Rather than the absence of mental illness, mental and emotional health refers to the presence of positive characteristics. Similarly, not feeling bad is not the same as feeling good. While some people may not have negative feelings, they still need to do things that make them feel positive in order to achieve mental and emotional health.

Mental illnesses are serious mental disorders which can affect our thinking, mood, and behavior. There are many causes of mental disorders. Your genes and family history may play a role. Your life experiences, such as stress or a history of abuse, may also matter. Biological factors can also be part of the cause.

There is really no health without mental health, because the physical health is dependent on the normal functioning of the mind.


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